Original Sculptures: Hier klicken für die deutsche Version!
My horse sculptures are about 20 centimeters in height (scale 1:10, traditional size) and made of modelling clay. Inside you will find a skeleton of knitting needles and an empty toilett paper roll. I use air-drying modelling clay. My horses shall look as realistic as possible. You see more of my sculptures in the Galleries.

LBR Nezahat

Arabian mare

LBR Haudegen

Trakehner stallion

LBR Amigo

Andalusian gelding


At this time some of my sculptures are available as resin casts. They are traditional size (scale 1:10) and are cast from an original sculpture and painted individually by the artist. The resins are available painted. I would love to trade for models and tack by Carol Willians/Rio Rondo (especially customized Breyers by her)!

LBR Byrjun

Icelandic Horse

limited edition of 50

LBR Bar Addictive


limited edition of 50