Photo Gallery 1: Hier klicken für die Deutsche Version!

A calendar with rural stillives inspired me some years ago to do such photography with miniatures, dollhouse furniture and small real fruits.

Every year I am looking forward to autumn to take such pictures. Here a scene on the meadow with two andalusians sculpted by myself and a pony resin.

The place were I do these photos I call Silver Valley because rising fog on autumn mornings gives a special lighting to it.

Here we see a ride in the fog. See one of my older customized breyers in the front,the appaloosa mare LBR Ebony Patches

The fog became so thick the street lamps turned on

This is LBR Waymore's Ladybug, an appaloosa mare sculpted by myself at Silver Valley.

This is horse whisperer Tom with a quarterhorse filly sculpted by Heike Polster.