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LBR Mirabelle
Haflingermare. I recycled the original sculpture of the Ravin Sanlena-Resin to do her

LBR Biskaya
this original sculpture fjord mare is multi liveshow champion.

But her real task is being a trekking horse.Shown here together with
LBR BÝrste, an Eberl resin fjord rh'd by myself.

Some more fjord horses: An osc gelding by myself, a rrh'd Breyer mare done by myself and a foal osc by Kerstin Buisson.

LBR Hefnanda
an original sculpture done by myself. She is an icelandic horse

LBR Klofaxi
One of my absolute favourites. Klofaxi is a yearling shetland pony colt, a portrait of a real horse.

LBR Salva Mea und LBR Hale Bopp
a shetland pony grade mare(Lee Francis Resin rh by myself) with a mule foal(Liddy-Resin rh by myself)